Category 'On Media'

  • Dec 2013

    Google Isn’t The Only Way to Research

    Digital Public Library of America aims to make accessible the holdings of every library, historical society, and other repositories of information. Not just text but…

  • Oct 2013

    Searching Big Data for clues

    In “an institution known for its sprawling bureaucracy, not its entrepreneurial hustle. … the focus is on harnessing technology in new ways — using data…

  • Oct 2013

    Github for non-coders

    Now they’re making a play for nerds who don’t write code. Seriously – even if you hate coding, Github is a major way to collaborate….

  • Oct 2013

    Google taps big data for universal translator

    Looking at masses of data in parallel — for instance, the English and French translations of various public-domain texts — produced far better translations than…